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Customizable Homes in New England

Customizable Home

Imagine waking up every morning in a home designed specifically for you. A home that reflects your style, fits your needs, and seamlessly integrates into an active adult community brimming with amenities. At South Shore Village, a premier 55+ community in Rhode Island, this dream can become a reality. We offer customizable homes in New England, allowing you to craft the perfect haven for your golden years.

Why Build a Customizable Home at South Shore Village?

South Shore Village goes beyond offering pre-built floorplans. We understand that every homeowner has unique preferences. Here’s why building a customizable home at South Shore Village is the perfect choice:

  • Design Your Dream Home: Work with our experienced design team to create a customizable home in New England that caters to your specific needs and desires. Whether you crave a gourmet kitchen for culinary adventures or a spacious sunroom for relaxing afternoons, we’ll help you translate your vision into reality.
  • Embrace Low-Maintenance Living: Our customizable homes in New England are designed with low-maintenance living in mind. Full basements and two-car garages provide ample storage, while features like exterior landscaping and snow removal ensure you have more time to pursue your passions.
  • Unmatched Amenities Await: Step outside your customizable home in New England and discover a world of amenities designed to enrich your life. Take a refreshing dip in our indoor or outdoor saltwater pools, challenge yourself at the fitness center, or tee off on our very own 9-hole golf course (now open!). South Shore Village fosters an active and engaging lifestyle.
  • Proximity to Local Attractions: South Shore Village boasts a prime location. Enjoy the tranquility of coastal living while being just minutes away from pristine ocean beaches, charming seaside villages, and delectable local dining options. Explore the beauty of New England and all it has to offer.
  • A Vibrant Community: South Shore Village is more than just customizable homes in New England. It’s a thriving community where you can connect with like-minded individuals. Participate in social events, join clubs, or simply enjoy friendly conversations with your neighbors. Build lasting friendships and feel the warmth of belonging.

Experience the joys of detached living in this 55+ active community

South Shore Village offers the perfect opportunity to experience the ease and joy of detached living in your own customized dream home. Detached living provides privacy, independence, and a sense of ownership that can be unmatched in other living arrangements.

Investing in Your Future with a Customizable Home in New England

Building a customizable home at South Shore Village is an investment in your future. It’s a chance to create a space that reflects your personality and caters to your evolving needs. Imagine spending your golden years surrounded by comfort, convenience, and a vibrant community.

Contact South Shore Village today to learn more about our customizable homes in New England. Let’s turn your dream home into a reality. Call us at 401-601-0074 or visit our website to schedule a tour and explore the possibilities. Don’t settle for a pre-built home – design your perfect haven at South Shore Village

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