What is the tax rate in South Kingstown?
Effective 8/2/18 the tax rate is $15.68/per $1000 & that is 100% assessment. On new construction your taxes are an estimate on your total purchase price. Your total purchase price includes the new home and the lot your home is built on. There is also an annual Union Fire District tax which is 0.87/per $1000. For example if your total new home purchase price is $400,000 then your estimated annual real estate taxes will be approximately $6200 and the annual fire district tax will be approximately $350.

What is the HOA monthly fee?
The current HOA monthly fee is $190/month. The monthly fee includes your access to the onsite pools, fitness center, and clubhouse amenities. It includes all snow removal/plowing, trash pickup, sprinklers/irrigation of all lawns, all grass cutting, maintenance of mulch beds, maintenance/service of septic systems. Plantings are maintained by individual homeowners.

Does the homeowner own the lot?
These are condominium lots/units and the square footage of the lots in Phase I range from approximately 6200sf up to 10,500sf. Home ownership includes the home and lot in its entirety as a condominium unit. The base price of each home includes the lot. The HOA has an easement across all of the property for purposes of maintenance, landscaping, snow removal.

What are the restrictions on pets?
The HOA docs allow for up to two cats and up to two dogs. A dog cannot exceed 25lbs in weight. Fences of any kind are prohibited. All dogs must be on a leash and each homeowner is responsible for picking up after their pet.

Are garages included in the base price of each home?
Garages are optional. Some of our home plans are offered with an option for a one or two car garage. The cost of a one car side garage (27’) is $15,990; the cost of a one car side garage on our Beachcomber plan (31’) is $18,352; the cost of a two car tandem side garage on our Seabreeze plan (42’) is $22,200. The cost of a two car front garage is $23,000.

Do the homes have full basements?
All of our home plans have large full basements with access from inside the house as well as from within the garage.

How close are the homes?
All of our homes are detached, single family style homes. The homes have to be 30ft apart and the garages 20ft apart as governed by the Town of South Kingstown zoning for this development.

How big are the decks?
The standard deck is 10ft wide by 12ft deep and typically located off the kitchen area. You can choose as an option to extend the length of the deck. You can also have multiple deck locations. However, the home plan & lot size may play a factor. We have reverse plans of all the homes to avoid decks facing other decks for privacy.

How long does the reservation/building process take?
You start with selecting the lot that you want to reserve & the home plan you want to build. The reservation deposit is a refundable $5000 and is good for 30 days. At the time of reservation I will provide you with a copy of the recorded condominium documents. Within the 30 days from reservation I will schedule a series of meeting times with you to select your interior/exterior colors & finishes. Once you have completed the selection process we will sign the Purchase & Sale Agreement. At this time the deposit due is 10% of your total purchase price less the $5000 reservation deposit. The balance will be due at your closing on the home. All deposit monies are held in escrow until closing. The build time from signing of the Purchase & Sale Agreement is approximately 5 – 5 1/2 months.

Kathy Lafond
Sales & Marketing Manager