Paramount Home Video for South Shore Village

 In South Shore Village - 55 Plus Community in RI

South Shore Village, So. Kingstown, RI from South Shore Village RI on Vimeo.

PARAMOUNT HOMES for South Shore Village, South Kingstown, RI

At Paramount Homes, quality and precision is achieved through a construction process focused on efficiency and consistency, using only premium grade materials.

Paramount Homes employs a system of redundant checking to ensure conformity to the client’s custom design in the exterior frame of each of our homes. All phases of the construction process are inspected by the local municipality building inspection department, which adds another layer of quality assurance.

The process requires a repetitive motion which ingrains a sense of familiarity to the product by all those associated with the construction. This adds to other levels of consistency and quality further ensuring a desirable final product.

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